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How to Draw Stewie

Posted in Uncategorized by Demon on October 4, 2008

This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to draw Stewie from Family Guy. You can see the result of the tutorial in the image below.

Step 1)

To start off, create a new layer and then select the pen tool, shown in the top right of images a) and b). From the “Path” tab create a new path, and then create the first point in the upper left. Make the second point lower and to the right and then, as you have the mouse button pressed down, drag the point to the right. This will cause the path to bend. Next, select the Convert Point Tool and then shorten the right side of the horizontal line, that expanded as the path became curved. This will allow you to create more points on the path. If you like you can see what happens when you try to create a 3rd point, without shortening the horizontal line.

a)                                                                                       b)

Step 2)

Select the Pen tool again, and then create a 3rd point in the upper right. Again, shorten the horizonal line with the Convert Point Tool, as shown in image b).

a)                                                                                       b)

Step 3)

Complate the oval shape and the make the foreground a peach color. Right click on the path in the path tab and the choose Fill Path. For “use” choose foureground and then press ok. The path should now be filled, like in image b)

a)                                                                                       b)

Step 4)

Rotate the oval shape, using the transform tool


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